Tuesday Afternoon Food Time

Aliases: TAFT, Tasty Tuesdays, Tired Ass Fking Tea

Every Tuesday afternoon in the school year, between 3-3:30 (or the half-hour before colloquium), donuts/bagels/muffins/something better are deposited in the lounge by a volunteer in an effort to incentivize interactions between hungry grad students and post docs.


An email is sent out every Tuesday when the food arrives; keep an eye out and come grab a snack when it does! At the beginning of each semester, the current TAFT organizer (a grad student job) will put out a call for volunteers (please sign up!). If you are the current week's volunteer, you'll get a reminder email from the friendly TAFT Robot with all details. After TAFT, you can get reimbursed up to $30 by submitting an entertainment reimbursement form (ask the TAFT organizer or Maria Kies for more information).