Short-term Travel Grants

This page is focused on short-term travel grants (e.g., conferences, seminars, job talks). You should check with your advisor first about available travel funds, the grants below are generally intended for back-up or emergency funds in case your advisor has no travel funds available.

UC-sponsored grants

  • Graduate Division Conference Travel Grantform: Up to $600 for students for travel within California, up to $900 for travel elsewhere in North America, and up to $1,500 for travel to the rest of the world. Must present a paper or poster at a conference. You can only receive this twice in your PhD., but you are almost assured to get it when you apply (free money)!
  • Talk with Judey Miller about available departmental funds. In the past, every year the department granted a few 500 dollar grants to students with no other funding sources. This may or may not still be available.
  • Talk with Dexter. There are occasionally a few random University travel grants available for students in the sciences. These should be considered only last resort, and generally they are only available once in your graduate career.

Outside grants

Travel insurance

  • All students traveling off-campus for academic reasons are covered under UC travel insurance. This includes medical care and evacuation, loss of personal property, and extraction for political and weather related reasons. Good for both domestic and international travel, though you must fill out a form beforehand if your travel is out-of-state or beyond. Go here for more information.