Project: Design a Demonstration

This project is designed to let you lead the development of an astronomy demonstration for AY 10 (or AY 7) level students. You and your 2 or 3 partners should select a nontrivial physical concept in astronomy and create a physical demonstration of the concept for use in sections (or possibly lecture).

There will be three stages to the demo design:

  1. First, each group will develop a demo concept and present it to the class (~ 5 min presentation). AY 300 students and instructors will then briefly discuss the proposal and offer feedback.
  2. Next, each group will actually construct the demo and perform it in class. (Recall that any reasonable expenses can be reimbursed.) Again, AY 300 students and instructors will briefly discuss the demo and offer feedback.
  3. Finally, each group will create GSI instructions (and probably an associated worksheet) for the demo and include it in the EBRB.

The basic schedule will work as follows:

by 9/24
Choose a group of three (or four) for your project. Discuss some general ideas outside of class in the coming weeks.
Decide on a project idea and present concept to the class.
Purchase the necessary materials and design the activity. You will present the actual demo on this date.
Before the semester is over
All groups will put a copy of their GSI instructions (and possibly associated worksheet) into the EBRB.
Member 1 Member 2 Member 3 Member 4
Aaron Lee Josh Shiode someone else maybe someone else?
Francesca Fornasini Katie Silverio Casey Stark
Jonathan WrightMike Yee Michelle KislakTim Kwan
Allison Rachel Marin Anderson
Jessamyn Karto Jieun Iok