Graduate Student Postdoc Seminar

Location: 131A New Campbell Hall!!!

Time: Fridays @ 4:00pm

Spring 2015 Schedule

Description / Motivation

  • GSPS is a place where students and postdocs can practice giving talks. The topics of these talks can be anything from their own research (either completed or commencing), career advancement and advice (usually from postdocs), pedagogy talks, practice qualification exam talks, job talks, etc.
  • GSPS meets weekly; we aim to have one graduate student and one postdoc talk each week.
  • Talks should be ~20 minutes + 5 minutes for questions.
  • Please emphasize background material.
  • No faculty allowed.
  • GSPS is a good place to…
    • promote community between students and postdocs
    • practice speaking and discussing your research
    • feel comfortable asking lots of questions
    • learn about topics outside your own research
    • impart practical knowledge: job search, telescope allocation committees, diversity, etc.
    • drink beer: free if you are speaking today, $1 if you are speaking this semester, $2 otherwise
  • If you would like feedback on your presentation, the organizers would be happy to take notes and discuss it with you afterwards (and/or ask other audience members to do so).

Organizers: Lauren Weiss ( and Freeke van de Voort (please contact us if you have questions)

Thanks for participating in GSPS!

Fall 2014 Schedule

Date Slot 1 Talk Title Slot 2 Talk Title
5 Sep, 2014 Ann-Marie Madigan Gas cloud destruction in the Galactic center
12 Sep, 2014
19 Sep, 2014 Mikhail Belyaev Why drinking tea reminds me of magnetic reconnection
26 Sep, 2014 Francois
03 Oct, 2014 Moving to HFA! No GSPS x x
10 Oct, 2014 Rodrigo Fernandez
17 Oct, 2014
24 Oct, 2014 Isaac Shivvers Melanie Veale
31 Oct, 2014 Who do I work for? Grad student meeting x x HALLOWEEN!
7 Nov, 2014
14 Nov, 2014 Jesse Nims
21 Nov, 2014 Katherine de Kleer Practice Qual x x
28 Nov, 2014 Thanksgiving! No GSPS x x
5 Dec, 2014 Josiah Schwab Practice for Talk at UCSC Davide Martizzi Bottom-up modeling of supernova feedback
12 Dec, 2014 Postdocs Practice Holiday Play! x x x