BADGrad Student Directory

For email, office, phone, and astro homepage information, see the official department directory.

This page is for department, adviser, year, and wiki userpage info, and fun stuff of your choice.

Do your part and keep your info updated!!! The nature of this list is to fall out of date. Please keep your entry updated. You might also want to check that the information regarding you in the official directory is correct. Feel free to play around with the format of your info, or the format of the whole page! This is a work in flux.

Once students graduate, their info should be moved to the alumni page.

Current Students

Name / info link Wiki username / wiki user page link Dept. Year Adviser
Katherine de Kleer AY 3 de Pater
Francesca Fornasini f.fornasini AY 4 Tomsick/Kriek
Matt George mattgeorge AY 6 Schlegel/Seljak
Chat Hull chat.hull AY 6 Plambeck
Garrett Keating AY 4 Bower
Chris Klein cklein AY 6 Bloom
Aaron Lee differentialpi AY 6 McKee
James McBride james mcbride AY 5 Heiles
Mike McCourt mkmcc AY 6 Quataert
Adam Morgan amorgan AY 6 Bloom
Erik Petigura petigura AY 4 Marcy
Sedona Price sedona AY 3 Kriek
Nathaniel Roth nroth PH 5 Kasen
Isaac Shivvers ishivvers AY 3 Bloom/Filippenko
Casey Stark caseywstark AY 4 Nugent
Dyas Utomo dyas AY 3 Blitz