Talks, etc. in the Department

Below is a schedule and brief description of the talks and other events that occur weekly in the astronomy department. For the invited talks, you should receive an email beforehand with the title and abstract of the talk that week. These emails will also usually call for those who are interested to have lunch and/or dinner with the speaker. Take advantage of these because grad students eat free (except for colloquium lunch…so make sure to go to Colloquium dinner instead)! Other opportunities for free food are in bold below.


Day Time Room What
Monday 11-11:45 6th floor lounge General Arxiv Discussion. Begins on human time (not Berkeley time).
12-1 131 TAC Seminar
3-4 131 RAL/SPI Seminar
4:15 - 5:15 1 Le Conte Physics Colloquium
Tuesday 11:15-12 3rd floor interaction area Cosmology arXiv Discussion
1-2 131 Cosmology Seminar
3:30-4:30 501B Galform
3:30-4 6th floor lounge Tasty Tuesday/TAFT
Wednesday 1-2 131 Planet and Star Formation (PSF) Seminar
Thursday 12:30-1:30 131 Thursday Lunch
3 - 3:30 6th floor lounge Colloquium Tea
3:45 - 4:45 1 (or 2) Le Conte Colloquium
5:30-6 6th floor lounge GSCS
4-5 Occasional RPM at LBL
Friday 4-5 131 GSPS
12-1 Occasional INPA seminar at LBL



  • TAC Seminar: Invited talk hosted by the Theoretical Astrophysics Center.
  • RAL/SPI Seminar: Invited talk that alternates between Radio Astronomy (RAL) and Star Formation/Planets/ISM (SPI) talks.
  • Cosmology Seminar: Invited cosmology talk.
  • PSF Seminar: Invited talk hosted by CIPS on planet and star formation (mostly planets) as well as geophysics
  • Thursday Lunch: 3 short (15 min including discussion) talks from a student, a post-doc, and a faculty member (usually colloquium speaker)
  • Colloquium: The main invited talk of the week, complete with snacks (colloquium tea).
  • GSPS: Grad students and postdocs present their own work to an audience of ONLY grad students and post docs in order to get practice talking about their research in a more friendly environment.

Informal Gatherings:

  • arXiv Discussion: Any who are interested meet in the lounge to discuss recent papers posted to the arXiv. Up-vote at VoxCharta: cosmology(Tues), general(Thurs)
  • Radio Group Lunch (every first Tues of the month at noon): Lunch with people who do (or are interested in) radio astronomy. This is an informal gathering where people discuss topics of interest and what they have been working on. Pizza!
  • Galform: Galaxy Formation group meeting: informal discussion about what people are working on.
  • Tasty Tuesday/TAFT (Tuesday Afternoon Food Time): Each week, a grad student volunteers to procure doughnuts (reimbursed) to encourage friendly interaction among hungry grad students in the lounge.
  • Colloquium Tea: Snacks and beverages prepared by grad students (see student jobs) enjoyed by all before colloquium.
  • GSCS: Grad student meeting with the colloquium speaker. Informal opportunity to ask questions about research, careers, or anything else.