Graduate Student Postdoc Seminar

Location: 544 Campbell Hall

Time: Alternate Fridays @ 4:30pm (unless otherwise noted)

Talks are 20 minutes + 5 minutes of questions

Past Seminars: spring_2007, fall_2006

7 Sept 2007 Fall Welcome
14 Sept 2007 Ryan Foley: Composite Spectra of SNe Ia
28 Sept 2007 Brian Metzger: Practice Qual Neutrino-Heated Winds from Compact Objects: Gamma-Ray Bursts, Nucleosynthesis & Optical Transients
2 Nov 2007 Daniel Perley: Chance Associations and Anomalous Low-Redshift GRB Hosts
Daniel Kocevski: GRB Energetics in the Swift Era
16 Nov 2007 Eric Huff: “Weak Lensing and You”
Mate Adamkovics: “Precipitation on Titan”
30 Nov 2007 Karin Sandstrom: Practice Qual “Spitzer Space Telescope Observations of Dust in the Small Magellanic Cloud”
14 Dec 2007 Brian Metzger
Phil Chang