Graduate Student Postdoc Seminar

Location: 544 Campbell Hall

Time: Fridays @ 4:00pm (unless otherwise noted)

Past Seminars: Fall 2008, Spring 2008, Fall 2007, Spring 2007, Fall 2006

23 Jan 2009 grad: Peter Williams: “Exploring the FIR-Radio Correlation with Continuous Spectra from the ATA”
postdoc: Steve Croft: “The Allen Telescope Array - a new tool for wide-field and time-domain radio astronomy”
30 Jan 2009 grad: Christopher Klein: “How to find asteroids in your imaging data - An introduction, explanation, and guide to PyMPChecker”
postdoc: Prateek Sharma: “Transport Properties of Galaxy Cluster Cores”
6 Feb 2009 grad: Brian Metzger: “Observable Signatures of the Accretion-Induced Collapse of White Dwarfs, or What you were too scared to ask in Astro 10”
postdoc: Brad Cenko: “Exploring the Optical Transient Sky with the Palomar Transient Factory”
13 Feb 2009 grad: Daniel Perley: “Things that Go Band in the Night: Dark Bursts and their Lairs”
postdoc: Bethany Cobb: “A search for GRB-related supernovae using SMARTS”
20 Feb 2009 postdoc: Nevin Weinberg: “Non-linear Tides in Stars and Planets”
27 Feb 2009 grad: Charles Hansen: “Maintaining Turbulence in Molecular Clouds”
grad: Katey Alatalo: “Old Galaxies with New Stars: Preliminary Results of the Atlas3D CO-mapping Effort”
6 Mar 2009 grad: Andrew Wetzel (practice qual): “Galaxy and halo mergers in a cosmological context”
13 Mar 2009 grad: Statia Cook: “Understanding Neptune's global dynamics through radio and near-infrared observations”
postdoc: Gaspard Duchene: “Panchromatic analysis of circumstellar disks: structure, content, and evolution”
20 Mar 2009 grad: Amber Bauermeister: “The Evolution of Gas in the Universe”
postdoc: Melissa Enoch: “(Unofficial) Early Results on the Disk and Envelope Structure of Class 0 Protostars in Serpens”
3 Apr 2009 grad: Yookyung Noh: “Reconstructing Baryon Acoustic Oscillations”
postdoc: Andrew Howard: “Searches for Low-mass Planets”
10 Apr 2009 grad: Eric Huff: “Delaying gratification: Your guide to weak lensing for fun and profit.”
postdoc: Prateek Sharma: “Thermal Instability and the Intracluster Medium”
17 Apr 2009 grad: Nicholas McConnell: “Black Holes in Brightest Cluster Galaxies: Navigating the Summit of M-sigma”
postdoc: Jun Zhang: “A Robust Way of Measuring the Cosmic Shear in Weak Lensing”
24 Apr 2009 grad: Jeff Silverman: “Berkeley SuperNova Ia Program (BSNIP): 20 Years of Photometry and Spectroscopy of Over 500 Type Ia Supernovae”
1 May 2009 grad: Adam Morgan: “What do you mean it's not there?: Optimal image coaddition for transient sources”
8 May 2009 postdoc: Jeff Oishi: “Magnetorotational Dynamos in Accretion Disks”
postdoc: Maryam Modjaz: “Beasts of the SN Zoo and their Habitats”