Astro 375 / Astro 300 (Fall 2017)


Class is held: Tuesdays, 6:30pm-8pm, Campbell 131

The Bootcamp is held: Thursday, Aug 17 (3pm-5pm, Campbell 121) and Wednesday, Aug 23 (6pm-8pm, Campbell 131)

Faculty Instructor: Eugene Chiang (echiang@astro)

Graduate Student Instructors: Carina Cheng (ccheng@berkeley), Tom Zick (tzick@berkeley)

  • The Syllabus. Make sure you read this!
  • The Electronic Big Red Binder. An important resource for GSIs. Reuse and modification of any and all of the materials in these resources is highly encouraged! So is contribution back to the EBRB of your improved materials! There is also an older physical copy (The Big Red Binder), located in the library.
  • Teaching Logs. Summaries of the short teaching log prompts.
  • Assignments. Summaries of all assignments for Ay375.


Ay 375 Lesson Plans

(Any lesson plans for future dates are subject to revision, but feel free to peruse if you're interested.)

Class Number Date Lead Instructor Topics Lesson Plan Link
1 Aug 17 (Thurs) Carina/Tom Bootcamp Day 1: Sample Class, First Day Bootcamp Day 1
2 Aug 23 (Wed) Carina/Tom Bootcamp Day 2: Board work, Review of Lesson Plans and Syllabi Bootcamp Day 2
3 Aug 30 Carina Learning Objectives/Lesson Plans, Group Work Class 3
4 Sept 6 Tom Writing Exams and Homework, Grading Rubrics Class 4
5 Sept 13 (Peer visits this week) Tom Quiz Exchange, Demos Class 5
6 Sept 20 (C10 quizzes this week) Carina Student Misconceptions Class 6
7 Sept 27 Carina Motivation/Mindset, Midsemester Evals Class 7
8 Oct 4 (Section taping this week) Biases, Ethics Class 8
9 Oct 11 Pedagogy Research Class 9
10 Oct 18 Tom Experienced GSI Q&A Class 10
11 Oct 25 (C10 quizzes this week) Faculty Q&A Class 11
12 Nov 1 Carina Teaching Statements & Portfolios Class 12
13 Nov 8 Communicating Science to the Public Class 13
14 Nov 15 TBD Class 14


Ay 375-specific and general pedagogy

GSI Assignments

Astro C10 (Filippenko) -

Astro 7A (Weisz) -

Not Teaching This Semester -

Members of Ay375 (teaching times)

C10: 121 Campbell

Not Teaching This Semester -

Peer Visits

GSIs doing visits but not getting visited:

  • A visits B

Section Taping

Week of ??:

Stuff for the instructors

Some Notes on development and from previous semesters.

Previous Semesters

  • Fall 2016 (Carina Cheng, Beth McBride, Michael Medford, Jason Wang)
  • Fall 2015: Ay375 resurrected mid-semester by Aaron Lee, Francesca Fornasini, Carina Cheng
  • Fall 2014 (Aaron Lee)
  • Fall 2013 (Aaron Lee and Francesca Fornasini)
  • Fall 2012 (Jonnie Pober and Therese Jones)
  • Fall 2011 (Therese Jones and Aaron Lee)
  • Fall 2010 (Aaron Lee and Josh Shiode)
  • Fall 2009 (Josh Shiode)
  • Fall 2008 (Jeffrey Silverman and Peter Williams)
  • Fall 2007 (Jeffrey Silverman and Daniel Perley)
  • Fall 2006 (Holly Maness)