Graduate Student Postdoc Seminar

Location: 544 Campbell Hall

Time: Fridays @ 4:00pm

Description / Motivation:

  • GSPS meets weekly; each hour features a talk by one grad student and one postdoc on their own research.
  • Talks should be ~20 minutes + 5 minutes for questions.
  • Speakers can present work that is fully complete all the way through work in just the beginning stages.
  • Please emphasize background material.
  • (Practice qual talks / job talks are fine to present.)
  • No faculty allowed.
  • GSPS is a good place to…
    • promote community between students and postdocs
    • practice speaking and discussing your research
    • feel comfortable asking lots of questions
    • learn about topics outside your own research
  • If you would like feedback on your presentation, the organizers would be happy to take notes and discuss it with you afterwards (and/or ask other audience members to do so).

Organizers: Daniel Perley & Josh Shiode (please contact us if you have questions)

Thanks for participating in GSPS!

3 Sep 2010 student: Peter Williams Practice Qual
10 Sep 2010 student: Dan Perley Practice Job Talk
17 Sep 2010 student: Aaron Lee Forming planetesimals by gravitational instability: The role of the Richardson number
24 Sep 2010 student: Mike McCourt
1 Oct 2010 student: Peter Williams Citation Management Meets the Web
postdoc: Shelley Wright Cliff's Notes : Capabilities of the Thirty Meter Telescope at the Diffraction-Limit
8 Oct 2010 student: Casey Stark Something about open-source science?
postdoc: Adam Deller
15 Oct 2010 student:
postdoc: Shirley Ho
22 Oct 2010 student: Josh Burkart
postdoc: Matt McQuinn
29 Oct 2010 student: Adam Miller
postdoc: Meredith Hughes
5 Nov 2010 postdoc: Andrew Howard
12 Nov 2010 student: Josiah Schwab Unbound Material in Tidal Disruption Events
postdoc: Casey Law Exploring the Universe with the Radio Astronomical Toolbox
19 Nov 2010 student: Josh Shiode Driving Winds from Luminous Stars
postdoc: Sloane Wiktorowicz
3 Dec 2010 student: Daniel Perez
postdoc: Genevieve Graves
10 Dec 2010 student: Erik Petigura
postdoc: Ryan O'Leary
21 Jan 2011 student: Sarah Newman
postdoc: Ken Shen