Graduate Student Postdoc Seminar

GSPS is regaining its footing after a year of remote working and the oversubscription of classrooms in Spring 2022. More recently it has been primarily a social event, but will hopefully shift back towards more regular schedule of talks and discussions.

Location:​ TBD

Time: TBD

Aliza Beverage (
Nathan Sandford (
Kiran Eiden (

Schedule: TBD

The Graduate Student/Postdoc Seminar (GSPS) is a venue where grads and postdocs can give talks in a supportive environment. The topics of these talks can be anything from their own research (either completed, commencing, or in progress),​ career advancement and advice, pedagogy talks, practice talks (qual presentations, job talks, etc.), department updates, practical skills (programming, proposal writing, taxes, personal finance, etc.) or really anything at all!

Broadly, the goals of GSPS are:

  • To promote community between students and postdocs
  • To practice speaking and discussing your research
  • To build confidence asking questions
  • To Learn about topics outside your own research
  • To impart practical knowledge
  • To share fun impractical knowledge
  • To be sociable!

Past Semesters:
​Spring 2019,
​Fall 2018, ​Spring 2018,
​Fall 2017, ​Spring 2017,
​Fall 2016, ​Spring 2016,
​Fall 2015, ​Spring 2015,
​Fall 2014, ​Spring 2014,
​Fall 2013, ​Spring 2013,
​Fall 2012, ​Spring 2012,
​Fall 2011, ​Spring 2011,
​Fall 2010, ​Spring 2010,
​Fall 2009, Spring 2009,
​Fall 2008, Spring 2008,
​Fall 2007, Spring 2007,
​Fall 2006